Implement processes in blink of an eye

With openforms, you can implement form-based processes with just a few clicks – quickly and easily. Without the help of your IT colleagues, without the annoying wait for the next roll-out.

As fast as a Fintech, as flexible as a startup

Get started with openforms!

No more consideration of technical release cycles

Create forms – quickly and easily

openforms is a flexible platform that can be used for all process-related applications: from simple online forms to complex processes including logical branches and rights-dependent conditions.

Secure for Legal and Compliance

No matter whether you use openforms to create forms for a current account, travel insurance or internal surveys: openforms offers you all options and functions for audit-proof use.

Integrated into existing systems and services

like CMS, CRM or Analytics – connectivity and integration is always essential. Integrate openforms into your existing processes or integrate data and services from other applications.

openforms at a single glance

The Swiss Knife for Form Generation

Generated data

With openforms, you determine what should happen to the data entered: Emails, Excel, XML, PDF,web services…


Always keep track of your processes. In the dashboard, you can see what is going on immediately.


New to openform’s 5th version: Design forms based on bootstrap conversion


Increase conversion with multi-variant testing and precise tracking. Openforms supports most analysis systems.


Trust openfoms. Regular security audits and PEN tests guarantee a high degree of up-to-date security.


As a scalable Java application, openforms adapts to your growing needs.


Create funnel analyses with your analysis tool or carry out A/B tests; The basis for the continuous optimization of your processes.


With WebServices you can integrate data and other services into your processes: For example, address verifications, Schufa requests or legacy systems.

Revision security

Using the four-eyes principle and the finely adjustable assignment of roles/rights, you can document all versions of a process seamlessly – even for rollbacks.



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