Implement processes in blink of an eye

With openforms, you can implement form-based processes with just a few clicks – quickly and easily. Without the help of your IT colleagues, without the annoying wait for the next roll-out. Now in Version 6.

As fast as a Fintech, as flexible as a startup

Get started with openforms!

No more consideration of technical release cycles

Create forms – quickly and easily

openforms is a flexible platform that can be used for all process-related applications: from simple online forms to complex processes including logical branches and rights-dependent conditions.

Secure for Legal and Compliance

No matter whether you use openforms to create forms for a current account, travel insurance or internal surveys: openforms offers you all options and functions for audit-proof use.

Integrated into existing systems and services

like CMS, CRM or Analytics – connectivity and integration is always essential. Integrate openforms into your existing processes or integrate data and services from other applications.

openforms at a single glance

The Swiss Knife for Form Generation

Generated data

With openforms you determine what should happen to the entered data: Emails, Excel, XML, PDF, web services…


Always keep track of your processes. Using the dashboard, you are always aware of what is going on.


Form design based on Bootstrap and Web Components.


Increase conversion with multi-variant testing and precise tracking. Openforms supports many analysis systems.


You can trust openfoms. Regular security audits and PEN tests guarantee a high degree of up-to-date security.


As it is a scalable Java application, openforms adapts to your growing needs.


Create funnel analyses or carry out A/B tests; The base for the continuous optimization of your processes.


Web services allow you to integrate data and other services into your processes: For example, address checks, Schufa requests or legacy systems.

Revision safety

With the four eyes principle and the finely adjustable assignment of roles and rights, you can document all versions of a process seamlessly – even for rollbacks.

Multi-client capability

Use one installation for all your brands. Design and logic can be adapted individually.

Landing pages

Realize your campaigns completely using one single solution.

BiPro compliant

By Using openforms, you are creating BiPro-compliant closures.



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